Writinig Webisode #1 Assignment

Webisode #1 Assignment

I’ll be writing this all week.  So check back.

A.  You may not use narration in your webisode.  Your characters must interact and speak.
B.  You must demonstrate a huge goal or problem the webisode main character has.
C.  You must have only ONE main character.  Other characters will support this one character.
D.  You may be the main character in your webisodes for this assignment.
F.  Each episode should last between 3:30 to 6 minutes – no longer.

Each episode must have a title.

Webisode #1 is where you will introduce your world.  It should not be more than 6 minutes.  This webisode is where you set up the big problem or huge goal the characters will deal with in the next episodes.

Show the world BEFORE the character embarks on the journey/events.

GOAL:  The goal must be HUGE and seem insurmountable.  If your goal is not huge, your webisode will not be interesting.  There will be no struggle in a small goal and if there is struggle, it will not sustain interest for eight episodes.  HUGE GOALS INVITE LOTS OF CONFLICT.  We want conflict.

HUGE PROBLEM:  In H+  The huge problem is that the entire worlds’ brains are implanted with technology that affects all members of society in a collective.  A computer virus hits the system, endangering the lives of everyone. This brings conflict to survival stories throughout the series.


Examples of super huge problems:
Independence Day – Aliens invade the earth.
Jaws – Small town sheriff is faced with a giant, man-eating shark that kills everything in its path.
Transformers – Giant robots attempt to take over the earth.
Romeo and Juliet – Two lovers can never be together because their families hate one another.
Liar Liar – Character dreams of and wants a huge promotion.
Gattica – The main character wants to be an astronaut which is a huge goal because he is presently a janitor.


MAIN CHARACTER – protagonist hero
Who is your character?  You will concentrate on ONE character at first.  This ONE character must be in every episode.  All other characters will react and interact with this ONE character, but you must follow the one character throughout the webisode.
1.  What is your character’s name?
2.  What does your character do for work?  What is his/her profession?
3.  What are the two conflicting traits of your character?  The light side and dark side of the character.
4.  What does your character want more than anything in the world? (It must be physical.  Not world peace, not happiness – Video is a VISUAL medium.  We must be VISUAL with all wants and needs.  You must be able to visually show the getting of the goal.  The beauty queen wins the crown.  We see the physical crown and visually see the accomplishment of the goal.  The poor man earns a pile of cash.  We visually see the physical cash and visually see the accomplishment of his goal.)
5.  What are your character’s flaws?  List at least two.
6.  What major choice does your character have to make?

THE CHOICES YOUR CHARACTER MAKES REVEAL HIS/HER CHARACTER and gives the character more depth.  So, think up at least three choices that your character makes that reveals character.

ANTI-Hero CHARACTER – Antagonist
This is the character who will try to stop your main character from reaching his/her goals.
Could be a competitor.
Beauty queen scenario – Main character wants the crown, Antagonist character wants it too and will do anything to stop the main character from winning.  Two characters are always in conflict.
Who is your anti-hero?


Answer these questions:

1.  Describe the world before.  What is the character’s world like before starting to work toward his/her goal?  What is the character’s world like before being introduced to the huge problem of the story?


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