Getting Started in Adobe Premiere Pro

0. Collect all your materials together (create a folder and put all videos, photos, audio, music etc. into the folder).
1. Open Premiere Pro
2. Select any preset that has video that has the following settings:
1920 X 1080 (This also could be 1280X720)
24 FPS (If your video was shot in 30p, this should be 30p)
Square Pixels
3. New Sequence
4. File – import and import your footage.
5. Double click on the first clip you want to review and it will open in the preview window
6. Play the clip and determine the in point (click i) and the out point (click o) of where you want the video to start and stop.
7. Place your mouse over the preview window that you just determined the inpoints and outpoints and left click drag it into the timeline below.
8. Select the next clip (or put other in point and out point on the same clip) and drag that clip onto the time line. Continue.

This is another video that tells you similar things as the first video.
How To Get Started with Adobe Premiere Pro CC – 10 Things Beginners Want to Know How To Do

2. Creating new project
3. Import Footage (File – Import)

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