The Wish Project


Print out the coupon above and include it in your short film.

Here are some notes about The Wish Project.  I’ll keep adding notes whenever I can.

  • You will not appear in this webisode.  You are the creator and behind the camera.
  • Hold your iPhone sideways.  Vertical video cannot be used.

3 minute script (which means three pages)


  • What is your character’s name?
  • What is your character’s profession?
  • Is your character rich or poor?
  • What is happening in your character’s life before they receive the wish coupon?


Where do we meet your character?  Is he/she at home? at work? at an event? on the street?


What happens that starts pushing the story forward (dominoes)?  (It can be anything you want, but here are some examples.)

  • A letter arrives
  • The phone rings
  • The character sees something on the news
  • Someone knocks on the door

What changes in the character’s life that causes them to wish for something?  This is the problem that needs to be solved.

  • Happy news
  • Sad news
  • Disturbing news
  • An accident
  • Encountering something they desire and don’t have access to

What is the wish?  I wish ________. (The wish can be good, bad, sinister, evil, giving, healing, etc.)

They make the wish


What happens now?  Does the wish start to come true?


The character is now faced with a choice.  What are his choices?


Domino 1:  A letter arrives telling the character his daughter has been accepted to a prestigious school, but because of his financial situation, she cannot go. (the problem that needs to be solved)

Domino 2:  He makes the wish.  I wish I had a million dollars

Domino 3:  Later that day a bank robber crawls through his window while running from the cops.  The robber is being pursued so aggressively that he leaves a bag with a million bucks in the character’s living room.

Now the character is left with a moral dilemma.  If he keeps the cash, his daughter can go to the school of her dreams.  However, he becomes as bad as the thief and risks going to jail for his dishonesty.

Domino 4:  will tell the viewer what he chooses to do in answering the moral dilemma

Domino 5:  The consequences of his choice (good or bad)

Select three physical things that go wrong.  We need to physically see something go wrong.

Domino 6, 7, 8:  (the action escalates) The character chooses to give the money back without telling anyone he ever had the money.  He can do it if he moves fast and slips the money into the passing mailman’s cart.  As he starts to take action on his plan,  (The physical conflict escalates from basic to extreme)

  • Level 1 Physical Conflict:  he knocks over a bottle of grain alcohol and
  • Level 2 Physical Conflict:  in an effort to wipe off the alcohol from the bag, the candle burning on the table is knocked over and the moneybag catches fire.
  • Level 2 Physical Conflict:  He doesn’t know what to do and takes the water from his fish tank to put out the fire. (We are witnessing real craziness here – but we are WITNESSING, not telling.  The actions are visual).
  • Level 3 Physical Conflict:  He opens the bag to dry off the money with a towel and BAM, the ink packet bursts and he is now stained with ink.

Domino 9:  (how he solves the problems caused in 6,7,8)

Domino 10:  The end of the story.



I’ll write more later.   But, that is a good start.


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