Editing Software for Class


  • Wait to download the trial software until you have your footage shot.
  • Editing takes at least one full day or several days. Do not wait until the last day to start editing.


1.  Download the free trail version of Adobe Premiere Pro here http://www.adobe.com/products/premiere.html  It is a 30 day fully functional trial version.  This can be used on both MACS and PCs

2.  If you have a MAC, you may use iMovie.  It comes with all MACS and is free.

3.  If you have a PC, you may use Movie Maker http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/Windows-Live/movie-maker (I’m pretty sure it is free).

PROBLEMS?  If you have problems, please write to me asap.
When you write, please include the following information:

A.  The type of computer you have PC or MAC

B.  The operating system you’re using.  Windows 7?  Windows 8?  Mountain Lion?

C.  What exactly is happening.  Describe it in detail.

D.  Did you receive an error message?  Write down EXACTLY what the error message is.



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